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Power generation

We are equipped with a wide range of power generation facilities, from those for clean and efficient natural gas generation, mixed coal and biomass thermal power generation for an economical and environmentally friendly approach, power cogeneration for the supply of power and heat on clients' sites, to renewable energy like wind and solar power.
We leverage our technical expertise and knowledge in the construction, operation, maintenance, and management of these sites to actively develop new power solutions, as well as systematically train engineers and technicians towards future growth and the ongoing supply of stable and affordable power.

Power plant map

Power plant map
Thermal power plants
1. Senboku Natural Gas Power Plant/ 2. Torishima Energy Center/3. Funamachi Power Plant/ 4. Nagoya Power Plant/ 5. Nagoya Power Plant 2
Power cogeneration
6. Uji Energy Center/7. Settsu Energy Center
Wind farms
8. Hayama Wind Farm/ 9. Hirogawa Myojinyama Wind Farm/ 10. Yura Wind Farm/ 11. Hizen and Hizen South Wind Farms/ 12. Hirao Wind Farm/ 13. Inami Wind Farm/ 14. Shiribetsu Wind Farm
Photovoltaic power plants
15. Torishima Photovoltaic Power Plant/16. Torishima Photovoltaic Power Plant 2/17. Shoo Photovoltaic Power Plant/18. Hirogawa Myojinyama Photovoltaic Power Plant/ 19. Daigas Oita Mirai Solar Power Plant (Nissan Green Energy Farm in Oita)/ 20. Yura Photovoltaic Power Plants (North and South)
Biomass power plants
21. Matsuzaka Wood Chip Biomass Power Plant/22. Sodegaura Biomass Power Plant/ 23. Hirohata Biomass Power Plant

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Business scope