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  • Engineering business
Engineering business

Our company engages in business, both domestically and overseas, in a wide range of fields spanning LNG manufacturing/supply equipment and gasification equipment, plant-related technologies such as hydrogen production equipment, spherical gas holder inspections, conduit anticorrosion, governor remote monitoring/blocking systems, earthquake damage prediction system and other security and disaster prevention systems, and supply-related technologies such as the Master Map mapping system, as well as technologies related to mega-solar power, gas differential pressure power generation, biogas and other unused or renewable energy sources, soil surveying and improvement, desulfurization/denitration equipment, and energy and the environment. We will continue to provide optimal solutions for our customers, from our customers' perspectives.

Service details

  • Energy technology

    Energy technology

    From the creation of energy to its use, we will deliver the Daigas Group's energy utilization technologies that will support the future.

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  • Environmental technology

    Environmental technology

    From exhaust gas and waste liquid treatment technologies to soil purification strtaegies, we offer environmental protection technologies cultivated by the Daigas Group over many years.

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  • Gas supply technology

    Gas supply technology

    We will deliver the latest technology supporting the Daigas Group's conduit maintenance technology for the safe and stable supply of gas.

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  • Overseas projects

    Overseas projects

    The Daigas Group's LNG technologies are being utilized in many overseas projects.

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  • LNG plant technology

    LNG plant technology

    We offer complete proposals that span technical planning to design, construction, operation, and maintenance of LNG terminal equipment developed by the Daigas Group.

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Engineering business