Bringing energy
and solutions to society.


Innovating from an
energy-driven perspective.

We tackle issues of a global scale and significance such as depletion of resources, climate change, and natural disasters.
Drawing on our technical solutions to offer energy infrastructure supporting society, we foster the growth of local communities through diverse and creative ideas.
Moreover, we pursue our work in support of the world.
Daigas Gas and Power Solution seeks to address emergent issues as the world evolves and present ongoing solutions to global problems.


Business scope

LNG Business

We deliver gas to customers
safely and securely.

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Power Generation

We provide a stable supply of electricity through various power generation systems,
and continue to support comfortable living for consumers and the growth of industry.

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Engineering Business

The engineering division draws on the wealth of technologies developed at the Daigas Group to deliver solutions tailored to customers' needs.

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Company data