Greeting from the president

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Nobushige Goto
President and representative director

Nobushige Goto

 About one year has passed since Daigas Gas and Power Solution Co., Ltd. (Daigas G&P Solution) began to operate as a result of integration between Osaka Gas Engineering Co., Ltd., Gas and Power Co., Ltd., and the LNG terminal and power plant divisions of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. With a business scope encompassing the operation and maintenance of LNG terminals and power plants, and an engineering business, Daigas G&P Solution provides one-stop solutions that range from designing to maintenance and management.

 Always keeping in mind our mission to provide solutions to clients involved in the energy infrastructure business in order to bring environmentally friendly energy solutions to Japan and the world, we will deliver peace of mind and moving experiences to our customers both in Japan and abroad by taking advantage of our long-established know-how. We will also strive to develop and spread solutions for a low-carbon or carbon-free society.

 Our strength lies in the diversity achieved through the integration of the three companies, each with a different background. Such diversity is the key to creating innovations.
We will provide unconventional solutions while introducing rapidly developing digital technology to evolve ourselves so that we will serve our customers better.

 We aim to become a company that will continue to be chosen by our customers. We look forward to your continued support and guidance.