LNG plant technology

Engineering business

We provide a comprehensive range of proposals, including LNG facility equipment technical plans refined by Daigas Group, designs, construction, operations, and safety.

LNG Plant Technology List

  • LNG Satellite

    LNG satellites enable the use of natural gas even in areas which lack gas supply lines.

  • LNG Facility Consulting Services

    Osaka Gas Engineering’s consulting services provide support for LNG facilities during every stage from planning to design and construction, as well safety.

  • PC-LNG Storage Tanks

    We developed and deployed PCLNG tanks with superior profitability through the application of technologies which increase capacity, reduce costs, and shorten the construction process.

  • Open Rack Vaporizers

    We developed and deployed high-performance, low-cost open rack vaporizers which greatly increase vaporization performance while reducing required installation space and operating costs.

  • Tri-Ex Vaporizers

    These high-performance, low-cost compact LNG vaporizers are composed of three shell-and-tube type heat exchangers.




Engineering business