Global Projects

Engineering business

Daigas Group’s LNG technologies are used in many international projects.

Global Project Case Studies

We participate in numerous projects both foreign and domestic, ranging from consulting to construction and operations, with the technologies cultivated by Daigas Group as the backbone.

Since our founding, we have leveraged the wealth of technologies Osaka Gas has cultivated to consult on numerous projects. These encompass various fields ranging from LNG facility construction to natural gas utilization technologies. In recent years, we have been working on technology transfer for the earthquake disaster mitigation systems Osaka Gas created based on our experience from the Great Hanshin Earthquake.


South Korea Construction of Tongyeon LNG facility
South Korea Construction of Gwangyang LNG facility
Spain Construction of Sagunto LNG facility
Singapore Shut down inspection of Power Gas spherical gas holders
South Korea 200,000kL PC tank for Pyeongtaek LNG facility expansion
Taiwan 160,000kL PC tank at Chinese Petroleum Corporation (CPC) Taichung LNG facility
USA C Company offshore LNG facility
Singapore City Gas Senoko factory raw materials conversion / industrial equipment adjustments
Indonesia Construction of PGN (Indonesian state-owned gas company) Sumatra-Java pipeline
PMC (project management consulting)
Thailand Consulting on commercial operation of PTTLNG LNG reception facility

Sagunto LNG facility

  • Sagunto LNG facility
  • Sagunto LNG facility

Taichung LNG facility

C Company Offshore Facility

Adjusts of Industrial Equipment for City Gas (Singapore) Fuel Conversion

Commercial Operations Consulting for PTTLNG (Thailand) LNG Reception Facility


Retrofitting of Cryogenic Power Generation Equipment

Studies / Research / Feasibility Studies

China Feasibility study for comprehensive environmental measures
Singapore Comprehensive feasibility study for introduction of LNG and pipeline natural gas
Thailand Feasibility study for gas demand and pipeline construction
China Feasibility study for LNG facility construction
Philippines Feasibility study for LNG reception facility and gas pipeline construction
Indonesia Feasibility study for LNG reception facility construction



Engineering business